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  1. Well the general rule is to avoid hopping with the same finger from one button to another. Normally one shouldn't do that as it slows you down and breaks the rhythm of a tune. But as yours is a very slow melody I'd say that the smartest thing is hopping with your "second finger" (the bad finger) from "the middle-row-F" to the "outside-row-G" ...and from there to continue with your index finger to the b-flat - as all those three notes are on a pull.
  2. Guten Abend, why so flinty and bitter vis-à-vis a fledgling who is trying to find his way through and share his thoughts about what price is acceptable for what kind of old, semi-old or modern instrument. I guess there's nothing wrong in questioning prices, especially as a novice, and - being a rookie myself - I still find those big numbers tagged on a 30-key-anglo a bit surprising, whilst one hardly finds a 20-key instrument reaching the 1000-Pound-mark. I would suggest that Mr. Wiegert's poor English language sounds somewhat rude in English ears, but, knowing the mindframe of my countrymen, I'm sure rudeness or criticism is really not what he wanted to express. My interpretation would have been that he wanted to share his reasoning and invite us to reality-check it and give him advise and feedback. Well, this is what we're actually doing, - right?! -
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