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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. While I do read music, I can pick up a tune on most instruments and learn it faster if I do it by ear. I am a very new beginner and I don’t know of anyone in my region that plays, so along with YouTube and my two ears, I’m catching on - albeit slowly.
  2. Looks wonderful. I wish I had the money. Sigh.
  3. Would you ship to U.S. if I paid shipping?
  4. I’m very much a newcomer to the concertina world. I play a lot of different instruments (but none particularly well.) My brother-in-law gifted me a used Hohner concertina several years back. It has it’s original box. It is stamped on the box sticker Hohner D20/40/100. There is a serial number on the label on the label but it is pretty much faded out. It has a small plate on the left hand face of the instrument that says Made in German Democratic Republic ( so not Chinese made.) It’s a so-so instrument to play but never having played another I have no comparison. I’m trying to teach myself to play and if I get the hang of it, I probably will upgrade to something better. Does anyone have any information on this model?
  5. I’m not going to post a photo of my one and only concertina. I am a total newbie. I was gifted an older Hohner 20 button ages ago and am just now getting around to trying to learn it. From what I have gleaned from my research, my concertina is probably the worst one out there but it’s what I have for now. Saving my pennies for a better one in the future. Everybody’s instruments are so beautiful. Mine is gaudy red pearloid. 😛
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