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  1. I've been teaching myself EC for about 2 years now. Started on a Jackie, worked through most of Wim Wakker's tutorial; recently upgraded to a Morse Geordie Tenor and I LOVE it--sounds great, easy action, looks fabulous, and a bit lighter & smaller than the Jackie. I practice about 5 evenings a week, about 40-60 minutes a pop. Some fun short tunes from NESI 2021 and elsewhere, but mostly hymns (and now, Christmas carols). Usually seated when playing, resting L. end of concertina on L.leg. The point is: in the last month, I've developed some fairly significant pain in the base of my left thumb. Never really had arthritis before (I'm 64), but I'm thinking this might be that. Is sore a much of the time--not just when playing--and some routine daily tasks (e.g., wringing out a washcloth) will produce a sudden sharp pain. Any other EC players experience this? Any suggestions? (Yeah, go to the doctor. But he'll probably say "well, try stop playing the concertina". Not interested in that solution.)
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