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  1. Hello bargemans, thank you, I found it in Ebay.co.uk. But actually I think it is too expensive for me. I could buy me a new Concertina by Suttner for more then 2000,- € less 🤨. Sure the Name of the Instrument is famous I understand it is not a real old instrument, Steve Dickinson took up the Wheatstone Factory Name in 1975. It also would be a problem for me to spend such a lot money without a possibility to test and play the instrument. Due to Corona I see no chance to visit Isle of Wight at the moment.
  2. Hello, I'm interested. I can't find it in Ebay. I play a Hohner Concertina exactly the same 30 C/G Anglo/ Irish setting. It's more a beginner instrument. I play Concertina since 25 Years as a hobby and now i need a upgrade of the Instrument with faster action. I live in Mainz, Germany.
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