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  1. I hope you don't mind me adding my own question to your thread? Can you buy a decent 30 button anglo for under £500? I bought a 20 button cheapy to establish my interest. (I couldn't bring myself to spend much straight away in case I gave up or didn't enjoy it, but it turns out I love it) Anyway now that I know I am going to carry on with the concertina I will need to get a better one. I found everyones advice very helpful on here last time
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I'm not sure what music I want to play, possibly traditional folk type stuff but I'm open minded about it. By the way I live in Manchester, England, but I don't now of any concertina fairs or anything. I'm thinking perhaps that I shouldn't buy one straight away. I will save up a little rather than buy a cheap one. I was thinking about buying one new originally as I was reading somewhere that if you don't know about concertinas then you wont know what you are getting if you buy a second hand one. I'm still unsure. What should I be looking for? I don't really want to just go off price a measure of quality. I have been looking at ebay too but I'm a bit apprehensive about buying one from there. Also how much do you think I should spend?
  3. I have decided that I would like to learn to play the concertina. I have never learnt to play an instrument before and I can't read music either! Basically what I am asking is for any advice, what concertina to buy, what is the best to learn from? I want to get a fairly cheap one as I'm not very well off and I thought I could always move on to a more expensive one when I learn to play it and know a bit better. Is it best that i get a 20 button anglo one? I would be grateful for any advice or tips or even stories of what to expect as I learn. Is it very difficult for a novice like me? Is the learning process a joy or will it be frustrating? I'm really excited about the idea.. I've been putting it off for ages but I really want to get stuck in.
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