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  1. As a prospective beginner, prices are important to know, why so secretive? (I've looked on Barleycorn so far, & they have their prices clearly stated.)
  2. Many thanks to everyone for all this very helpful info, really appreciated. 👍
  3. ....not to mention all the beer & food....😄
  4. Many thanks all.... I'm now thinking it would be folly to buy one of these from my regular music shop, & that I would get a better instrument if I go for a reconditioned & retuned item instead. So now I need to consider whether I would need more than 20b, or not, & what that would cost me. One other thing I need to consider is how loud these might be, as I would only be playing at home for my own enjoyment. I have read on the forum that material baffles could be used, would they have a significant effect on volume, or would it be down to how fast I operated the bellows, (like hard or soft blowing on harmonica reeds).
  5. Many thanks for the replies so far..... 👍 Whilst I don't normally like to buy anything I know nothing about used, some of those Barleycorn Lachenal look quite good.....
  6. I use a regular music shop for my instrument purchases, & as I'm thinking of trying an Anglo, would appreciate thoughts about the ones they have in stock within my price range. Stephanelli 30 Key Anglo Concertina Sutherland Branwen 30 Key Anglo Stagi Standard 30 Key Anglo Or would this 20b be of overall better quality Trinity College 20 Key G/C Anglo-Style Concertina with Gig Bag (Or maybe recommend some other that is available here in the UK, up to about £600 max)
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