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  1. Hi Gary. I just wanted to say thank you for your books. They're incredibly helpful and, in my opinion, the best resource for a beginner player. Your tablature system is also the best I've found. You've made my entry into the concertina much less stressful and much more fun.

    1. gcoover


      Hey Conrad, that's so nice to hear! Hopefully I've been able to simplify the notation and get folks quickly into playing tunes - I'd rather play just play tunes instead of doing exercises any day!


      And just so you know, if you have 5 or more of the books just send a photo to info@rollstonpress.com with your address and I'll happily send you a free book of your choice by way of thanks.





    2. Conrad_Roentgen


      Thank you, Gary! I only need two more for that deal. I’m certain I’ll get there. 

      Thanks again. 

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