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  1. Hello everybody, I bought a 1941 (#1322) Scholar concertina for 70$, it's in fair condition and I would to make it as new again. There are few problems, the first is that 5 buttons play only one tune instead of two, of some it's in the inhale and some in the exhale of air. It seems that the reeds plate is well placed so I don't know what sould be the problem. The second problem is that the bellow has a small hole- it's make out of cardboard and I don't know if I can fix it with some regular paper or somthing else. The last thing is the original strapes that nailed to the wood... do you have a good idea how to replace it and what kind of straps sould fit? I know that the old time Scholar are considered as a toy but I'm fixing it for my child And i'm not a native english speaker- sorry for my english... here are a few pictures of the concertina
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