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  1. Cheers Gerry. Would love to be able to afford yours just now but just in thinking stages of what I’m after. Great to know Lachenals come in this key. I’d only seen Germans before.
  2. Beautiful. It’s likely to go for more then I can afford being a 30 key. Was Bidding on one last night but was outbid last seconds.
  3. Hello, I’ve been thinking about a concertina with a B row. I take it my options would be old German Anglos in B/ F# or E/B Am I likely to find one at 440? Did Lachenal make B/F#? A little backround I learned to play on a g/d stagi playing all along the d row and reaching for the cnat. later I had a lachenal two row but just played everything on the G row in as if it were a D. I sold this about 8 years ago as I wasn’t playing it. I wished I hadn’t. I recently got the Stagi back and am enjoying it again. It was my grandfathers. He passed away a few years ago and relatives sent it to me. Recordings of Kitty Hayes recently rekindled my interest. all the best patrick
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