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  1. Swan (McNeela) CG, 30 Buttons, a few months old £650 (With lined black case) Lachenal Mahogany CG 20 Buttons £499 (Lined black case extra £30) £10 Postage UK only. Looking to sell one of these only, they both play well and in tune. The Lachenal of course is very old, but a fine instrument with a lovely tone!
  2. A lovely instrument, mahogany C/G 20 Button Concertina available. Perfectly in tune, all buttons both ways. I understand that it has brass reeds from original build (1870-1900 est), but some steel replacements apparantly. £499 without case, £10 post UK. Plays with a mellow tone and a fast action. Would be a dream for a beginner or a more advanced player!
  3. Box sourced via eBay....thanks for all your help folks!
  4. Not the concertina shape, I would like the regular black box if poss, to match another one I have!
  5. Thanks, that’s the box I’m looking for Alex.
  6. Hi Folks. I’m looking to buy a concertina box only to hold my Lanchenal concertina. Any thoughts on where I can purchase one other than McNeela Instruments please? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi. I have just acquired a very nice concertina. It’s in a lovely condition and just two notes out (now retuned)!There is a note inside the box which is obviously a formula for dating the instrument as follows: No: 106754 (divided by) 4176, + 1850 (year) = 1876. (year). Tone is very good and it is a fast action box. I wonder how the formula works, and an estimate of value? Any ideas please?
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