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  1. Or are you asking about the curious treble clef? It's like that throughout the book. Each double stave seems to be identical. Probably only Brian will know why it appears like that. My guess is that a Roneo Machine was involved.
  2. Well, I start off with a new piece with a 'fixed', or rather 'default' idea of how to finger it. In learning it I have to adapt - especially when trying to avoid using the same finger on consecutive notes. (I hope the translation of my post into Chinese is better than Google's translation back into English. 'Tricky' becomes 'fantastic' - though I'm not sure in what sense!)
  3. I started playing the Stagi Hayden last year. On the right I play mostly with my first three fingers. Most of the earliest pieces I played were in G - often because I transposed them. If one is in C, I shift whole my hand one to the left. But what about the left-hand fingering? When I started I chose to use the little finger of my left hand for the leftmost buttons - those I use my index finger for on the right. (That's when playing a a scored accompaniment, not chords.) It seemed the logical thing to do. After a year - and having got a Peacock - I began to wonder if this was a good decision, partly through reading some posts here. But by then I was used to it, so I stuck with it. I usually start playing with some finger warmup exercises, including playing fast tunes on right, then left, then both together. I'm finding my left hand fingering is getting quicker, but moving my little finger from, say, the 3rd row to the first, is still too slow. @luli I found Judy Hawkins' early tutorials threads useful: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/15414-hayden-tutorial-wheeeeee/ There are 11 of them I think. My 'finger warmup' tunes come from those. (On my printed score of 'Swinging on a gate' from #4 I wrote 'tricky fingering!')
  4. This forum has 'Personal Status Updates', aka 'Public Messages', which are public posts 'within' a user's profile, rather than part of a discussion forum. I see these because I monitor c.net via RSS - as I mentioned in this post. Since asking that question I've seen a few of these and concluded that they're mostly accidental, that the user probably thought they were posting a forum topic, but I don't know. Today I got a link to this status update which contains a tune (you may have to scroll down). I suspect that many (most?) people won't see that post. I don't know how others read the forum, but status updates are not included by default in unread content - or they're not for me. Should status updates be included by default in unread content? Existing users might consider adding them.
  5. I can't read this PowerPoint file on an Android, but from the CITES site: Identification of tortoiseshell (marine turtle shell)
  6. CJB has provided a new link on the mudcat thread. Not much concertina, though.
  7. As a former Stagi Hayden player I found the video fascinating, though disappointing for what it didn't show. The OP wrote that the Hayden is their most popular model. On their website they list 21 concertinas, if which just one is a Heyden: https://www.concertineitalia.it/en/concertinas-concertine-italia/ So the Hayden may be their most popular model while being a small minority of concertinas they sell. I wonder what they meant? It's not clear, but I assume that Concertine Italia have no design capabilty, they are just making the models they have inherited. That's clearly a big limitation. As well as a better 46 key Hayden I would like to see a model to fill the gap left by the end of Beaumont production. That would give their existing and future Hayden 46 players an upgrade path. But it would have to be properly designed, not like the current one. If it were light enough, I might buy one. The OP also wrote, in the earlier thread that Japan is 'a major market'. I wonder if it's the biggest market? Does the Stagi brand name have a poor reputation - apart from on this forum? I've no idea. I'm surprised they would drop it without some market research, unless they legally have to. 'Concertine Italia' is not a sensible brand name IMO - too long and unmemorable. Perhaps 'Recanati', or something that sounds good in Japanese? Anyway, I wish Concertine Italia success.
  8. Hello, and welcome to concertina.net I have sent you a Private Message (PM). Click the little envelope at the top to read it and reply to me privately. (Mr Lu and I have been corresponding by email.)
  9. The background to this video is in this thread That thread contains posts from Mrs. Simona. (Could all these threads be merged under 'discussion'?)
  10. $1200 should buy you a Stagi Hayden 46. But why not come and have a holiday in London and, if you like it, take back mine: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/25075-stagi-hayden-duet-46-button-for-sale-in-the-uk The UK Pound is dropping - it'll cost you nearly $100 less than when I posted that - so you can put the $500 difference towards the air fare I now have a Concertina Connection Peacock. Only 42 buttons, so I can't play some tunes I used to
  11. Well you can read that usenet group (though not all groups) via Google Groups https://groups.google.com/g/rec.music.makers.squeezebox/ But it's inadvisable to post via GG because many usernet users ignore Google posts - they're mostly spam. However, the enquirer about Wicky vs Hayden fingering probably posted on GG.
  12. Following your remark, I subscribed to that group. Nothing much there, but I left it subscribed. But to my surprise a new thread appeared yesterday - only the fourth this year. And it's a question about the Hayden system!
  13. No, but I used uk.music.folk for years. About a dozen posts a year still in those two, and rec.music.folk, mainly people talking to themselves but the occasional genuine enquiry. There are still active groups, some with hundreds of posts a week. Web forums killed usenet. Facebook is killing web forums -and ordinary websites to some extent: folk clubs and artists often don't bother to maintain their websites.
  14. OK. But SUMO answers are not 'Mozilla's own instructions'. I've been a contributor there myself. Anyway, vanilla Firefox works OK with concertina.net, that's the main thing. If you know usenet you might like to discuss browser fingerprinting on alt.comp.software.firefox
  15. Hello It's interesting to see some pictures inside your workshop on Instagam. When I bought my Hayden 46 in 2021 I couldn't find any. I suggest you put some on the website for us older folk who don't use Instagram Please note that the link to the Hayden 46 on this page is wrong https://www.concertineitalia.it/en/concertinas-concertine-italia/ The instrument is here: https://www.concertineitalia.it/en/concertinas-concertine-italia/hayden-duet-46-concertina-concertine-italia/
  16. I'm not recommending that addon - I know nothing about it. I was trying to understand your reference to 'webcanvas'. Where exactly are these instructions? If you turn things off in about:config, it will often break something!
  17. Are you using this addon? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/web-canvas/ If so it sounds like it's breaking Firefox.
  18. When I took the end off my recently-acquired secondhand Peacock I found a toothpick. It was still in it's cellophane packet. Too short for button-jiggling - I too used a meat skewer for that.
  19. That documentation mentions bookmarklets, which are bookmarks containing javascript, and I suspect it was written some years ago. Some browsers no longer support bokmarklets. Firefox mobile doesn't, and ISTR last time I tried one on iOS safari it didn't work. I suspect browser-makers regard them as a security risk. But it should be possible to embed the abc2svg (scalable vector graphics) code using a browser addon - maybe somebody has? I do something similar with my mudcat addon - embed a module to convert non-Roman letters into html codes. PM me if you want to try it - using Firefox.
  20. 650UKP (about 820USD) or make an offer. I bought it 18 months ago. It has a hard case as shown. I started on this and have now got a Peacock. I posted some close-up pictures of it in this thread. I'm in Kent in SE England. The buyer will have to pay for shipping, or I can hand it over in London. PM or email dave AT daveroyal DOT com
  21. I'm not sure this page of Dick Miles' website is current* http://www.dickmiles.com/p/my-shop.html?m=0 I would contact him. Edited to add: * The home page is dated 2012 in the mobile version, but Dick has posted to it in 2019 and there is a contact page. He seems mainly to post on FaceBook - see Daniel's post below.
  22. This would fill the gap left by the end of Morse Beaumont production. I want to upgrade from a Stagi 46. (Without a 3-4 year wait!) Any news?
  23. Only for the Céilí, according to their website.
  24. As I suspect you know, the advantage is you can build it once and run it in any capable browser. And, sometimes, in an 'app' which looks like a native app but is actually a browser window. The disadvantage is usally performance and intefacing with other apps. Web apps can be built to run offline once they have been downloaded and cached. I don't know if the Axure tool Luke is using can do that, but it does require extra programming work. Then you could avoid the long load time I see, even on wifi, and use it where there is no internet. As it is this app doesn't appear to access the internet once it's loaded. Web apps, now called Progressive Web Apps, have been an undercurrent for years. Device makers, particularly Apple, are dead against because they make their money from hosting apps. Developers periodically try them, or threaten to, to break that hold. But performance, once loaded, is key. On this newish Android tablet (and even on my i7-extreme desktop) it's quite laggy, particularly before a note sounds. But I think that's caused mainly by Axure; I have a calculator web app developed 11 years ago that's as fast as the Android calculator app. (I'm learning to play a Hayden, and last played piano 60 years ago, so my interest is purely technical.)
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