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  1. Chouette! https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Si_tu_vois_ma_mère
  2. There's a video here which will give you an idea what you'll find when you pull out the pins and take the end off. https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/25812-a-video-visit-to-concertine-italia-the-successor-to-bastari-and-stagi/ Unfortunately it doesn't actually show one being put together.
  3. Is yours one with pins on the sides like the C range here? https://www.concertineitalia.it/en/concertinas-concertine-italia/diatonic-concertinas-20-keys-concertine-italia/
  4. It might be beyond the range of your bellows! I've been inspired by Didie's playing - especially Roslin Castle. When I got my Peacock Hayden he kindly sent me the score to The Water is Wide. It has long slurred phrases and I keep running out of air from my merely 6-fold bellows.
  5. Commenting out a section would make it disappear from the staff notation, and I want to play the bass line, say, while seeing how that relates to the melody line above it. The transpose trick works nicely (I've built an alpha version of an addon) but I need to be sure I'm not hitting the server too hard. AFAICS I'm not - it seems to fetch each note once and then remember it doesn't exist. But it still generates a console log warning for each note 'played'. Sorry for hi-jacking your thread Michael.
  6. I added a caveat to my earlier post: I'll look for a better way.
  7. That site looks useful. When I find a tune that I might be able to play or arrange (I use the word loosely) for my 42 button Hayden I start by playing it. I often use David Zemsky's Music Scanner app on Android. If I have the ABC I can use EasyABC on a desktop, but I'd like to do it on my Android tablet. I'd like to be able to play one voice, or maybe 2 voices out of three. For example, with this tune (which I just randomly selected because it has three voices) how does the melody alone go? How does it sound with melody plus voice 2, or plus voice 3? Maybe I can mash 2 and 3 together - but I always want to hear just the melody first. http://www.rudemex.co.uk/library/RM_arrangements/Albert Farmer's Bonfire Tune (3-pt).pdf Here's the ABC (it's on the same site) %Rude Mechanicals tune library: www.rudemex.co.uk %Chords and arrangements by the Rude Mechanicals unless otherwise acknowledged X:1 T: Albert Farmer's Bonfire Tune M:4/4 %Meter L:1/8 % K:D V:1 "D"f2 dB AG F2 |"G"G2 GF G4 |"A"edcA B2 c2 |"D"defd A2 de |"D"f2 d2 A2 F2 |"Em"G2 GF G4 | "A"edcA B2 c2 ||1"D"d4 d4 :|2"D"d4- d2 e2 |:"D"f2 fd f2 df |"Em"gefd e4 |"A"gfed cABc | "D"defd A4 |"Bm"f2 dB AG F2 |"Em"G2 GF G4 |"A"edcA B2 c2 ||1"D"d4 e4 :|2"D"d2 z2 [F4d4] |] V:2 d2 AG FE D2 |DCB,A, B,DCB, |A,2 GF G2 E2 |F2 D2 F2 A2 |ABAF D2 A,2 |B,EGB e2 B2 | c2 A2 G2 A2 ||1A2 g2 f2 e2 :|2A2 F2 DEFG |:A2 DF Adfa |EGBA GABG |EDCB, A,2 G2 | F4 D2 A,2 |B,2 B2 d2 B2 |G2 B2 d2 ef |gfec d2 e2 ||1dAFA GABG :|2fdAF [A,4D4] |] V:3 D2 F4 D2 |B,2 B4 D2 |C2 E4 A,2 |D2 A,2 D2 A2 |d2 A2 F2 D2 |E2 B,2 E2 D2 | A,2 E2 D2 G2 ||1F2 A,2 B,2 C2 :|2F2 A2 A,2 C2 |:D4 A4 |E4 G2 E2 |A,3 G E2 C2 | A,2 D2 F4 |D2 F4 D2 |B,2 E4 B,2 |A,2 G2 E2 G2 ||1F4 A,4 :|2A2 F2 [D4A4] |] %End of file I can add midi commands into the ABC, such as %%MIDI program 23 %%MIDI gchordoff (after a V:n) But - and finally the question - I can't find a way of suppressing a voice, short of excising the whole voice section. Does anyone know a command I can add to do it. There isn't a midi program for 'silent' AFAICS. My idea is to add buttons to it using an addon which edits the ABC. (That's easier than interfering with its javascript which is all obfuscated.) I can cut sections of ABC out if necessary, and reinsert them, but just adding lines in would be simpler. And I could add a button to send the result to Michael's abc tool for transposition. Edited: I discovered a solution. The player has a limited range, so can add, e.g. %%MIDI transpose 60 which it cannot play. Edited again to add: Although that works it does generate some network activity - 404s - when it tries to fetch these high notes. Also a ton of warnings. So use sparingly, and preferably don't program it into a tool for release.
  8. If it mostly works I wouldn't risk updating it. Can you can install both in Windows? I updated recently from 1.3.7 because it wouldn't play a highlighted section of a tune. I had to edit the code in the end, as I described here https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/64 That feature works now, but doesn't work well on two-stave duet tunes. The playing notes are red on mine fwiw. Edit: Actually, they're orange.
  9. If I do the same, and open the file in EasyABC (v1.3.8.6 on Linux) or a text editor it appears as Mícheál's. david@localhost:~/Documents/concertina/abc/temp> file newtune.abc newtune.abc: UTF-8 Unicode text Are you also using EasyABC? If so, this may be you are using the old Python 2 version - but that's a guess.
  10. @SmougyGWhere are you located? It's a good idea to put your location in your profile, btw, especially for questions like this. Somebody nearby might have one and be prepared to let you try it. I have a Peacock. Anybody in Kent have one of those 74-button Jay Haydens?
  11. If you google 'drudwen concertina' you'll find that this 48key EC for sale, often with the same sutherland label attached.
  12. Ebay has one with pictures - search ebay for 'concertina sutherland' It's described as a Drudwen Sutherlands 48key EC A label on it says sutherlandtrading.com
  13. And why would someone choose a private FB group to sell it?
  14. Since that post of mine I bought a S/H Peacock. That's good for a year or ten. It would be interesting to know whether the Peacock XL is still on the stocks, though.
  15. Unless I misunderstand binaural recording, the 'dummy head' used for the recording is in a fixed position. The listener will only hear the effect of moving around if the head moved around. Which would be disconcerting if the listener is sitting still. The point, surely, of binaural recording is fidelity of the sound heard by a (single) member of the audience. Whether a solo concertina should be recorded 'faithfully' - or whether it would sound 'better' recorded in mono is quite another question. As well as the sound coming out of both ends, on my duet the left is much louder. (And it occurs to me that an active sound-cancelling speaker might be an alternative to a baffle to quieten the accompaniment from the point of view - or hearing - of me, the player. I expect it's been tried.)
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