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  1. Thanks Gary, I will be sure to check that out! I've also just requested to join a Facebook group about accordion repair, so I will try asking there as well. May your future concerts be mild in temperature but wild in style! Sam
  2. Alrighty then, I see this town ain't big enough for the two of us 🤠 Does anyone 'round these parts reckon they know another forum where a feller like me could get some good advice?
  3. Hello all! I am re-waxing half a block of reeds on a 120 bass accordion, because I noticed 2 or 3 reeds on that side that were starting to rattle loose. I removed all the reed plates, scraped away all the old wax (what a tiresome job!) and now I'm happily and patiently awaiting the arrival of a block of accordion wax in the mail. In preparation for the task of re-waxing, I am practicing placing the reed plates on the block where they will be waxed in place. However, the issue I'm running into is that some of the chamber cutouts seem to be a tiny bit wider than the reed
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