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  1. Mike Franch, I'm a broke college student, so no camera bags for me ^-^ !! Being the shock absorber is a great way of putting it - the jolt from being on a bike full on wouldn't be great for the innards... That suggestion to put the whole thing into backpack was bloody brilliant! Slots into my schoolbag perfectly, with room for all my busking necessities. Anyone else, feel free to add more suggestions for others like me coming down the line...
  2. That's genius! Now I just need to make sure I have a bag big enough to get the box in, fairly sure my school bag would do... when I didn't have books in it! I used to have a basic soft bag with my very first (super crap) concertina, but when I upgraded I passed it on to my dad and got the hardcase with it. It was always handy to sling over my shoulder, but by the time I started busking I'd already upgraded, thank god!
  3. Okay, so I've moved into student accommodation in a totally different town to where I was before. I'm half an hours walk from any place I could busk, but I have a bike. Where I was living before, I got a bus into the biggest town and walked two minutes to my pitch, but I'm IN town now. Would it be demented to buy a softbag to carry it while on a bike - only a nine minute travel time - or would that damage it? I have a Tina Swift model... (And I'm guessing it would be even worse to try and strap it to the back in the hardcase?)
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