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  1. Many thanks to all for your quick replies. I was able to purchase the CD from Niall and Karan's website and it should be on its way to me today. From the sample lessons available at the website, I think it will be just as helpful to me as Seamus Egan's flute tutorial was when I started playing trad on the wooden flute years ago.
  2. Thank you. This looks like an attempt to mimic OAIM's 'business model' (unless it was first). I would much prefer to purchase the CD rather have to brave the internet's variable signal strength in order to work on the tutorial. Has anyone tried this system?
  3. I haven't been able to find this 18-year old CD available for purchase anywhere on the internet. Since I no longer use CD-players, I would actually prefer the contents of the CD copied off and put into a zipfile. The Mad for Trad CDs actually use the default internet browser on one's computer to be viewed and listened to, so the CD itself isn't necessary, just its contents. A long time ago I found the Mad for Trad tutor for Irish flute very useful when I was just starting out, and now I'm in a similar position but with the concertina. Thanks, Chet
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