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  1. Just me at work, a historic site where I play concertina on occasion.
  2. Ken, That is some crazy modern world stuff right there.
  3. I am just happy to keep my tongue in my mouth
  4. “The Era Almanack” of 1892, concerning UK entertainment mentions Henry Harley concertina player passing on April 7th of 1891.
  5. I suggest Gary Coover's books as well. I play the same, 20 button c/g. I have been playing a tad over a year. Easy Anglo 1-2-3 and Sea Songs are fantastic and makes it easy. Karl
  6. There are several of us that love the 20. Many beginners like a 20 to start with.
  7. My Lachenal I play at work. I got mine through A.C. Norman, and made the box at work in our carpentry shop. I work at a 1851 historic site in the States. Karl
  8. I tried various other instruments to no success, yet, seem this is working.. I liked the size, not having strings to tune as well. Another huge reason is, I educate in history at a 1828-1870 historic site in period clothing, this fits in, is more odd for visitors to see and helps interpret history.
  9. Same thing here Chris, been playing a few months and am starting to dabble with adding harmonic notes. I have been having a blast, and am also about move up to a better box. Karl I will add, Coover's books have been fantastic for me. I am only playing 20 button, and at this time plan to keep it that way. I know, this could change someday.
  10. One more thing, If I have a problem, it is because I want to play so many tunes. I have about 20 songs I keep playing and have a hard time focusing and mastering one. I hobble through each one, every time sounding better, but feel I should buckle down and get a few down pat. I need a book or sheet music, as none are sticking in my head by memory...yet. The fun and learning continues. This whole website and it's contributors have been VERY helpful.
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