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  1. That's the first time anyone has actually got where the name came from. Others have guessed Sound-, Sine- or Synth- but as far as I know no one got the seismology connection. When I was trying to come up with a name I thought that an electronic concertina without bellows might cause a few ructions. It has certainly provoked some strong 'anti' reactions in a few places but most people have been very interested and open minded about it's possibilities. Thanks for that. Dean
  2. Thanks for that Dirge. It was a pleasure meeting you and very interesting to discuss and hear you play the midi Maccann. Maybe we can do business next time you are over in the UK.
  3. The S-Wave instrument can be set up to play without any reference to it's internal pressure sensor. The output volume would be fixed, of course, and such a set up could not be applied to an Anglo (diatonic) type of instrument. If it was used in this mode then the S-Wave instrument could also be played with the ends side by side as they are when in it's storage case (see below). I don't know if this may be more comfortable for some people. I suspect that playing such an instrument would become a bit dull after a time but maybe some expression control could be provided by a pedal (or two) to control volume and/or vibrato, tremolo... Dean S-Wave Instruments
  4. How does one contacts Dean Onyon? You do a search for "onyon midi concertina" or you can shortcut that by going directly to www.s-wave.co.uk or you can shortcut that shortcut by e-mailing me at enquiries@s-wave.co.uk. How can I help? Dean Onyon
  5. If you're still looking for a midi concertina that doesn't rely on the synth module for transposition then check out the S-Wave Instruments website These instruments have been mentioned in a few threads on this forum but just to wet your interest they are wholly electronic and incorporate a pressure sensor instead of bellows to enable the player to control volume and tone. They are set up to transmit midi messages on up to 4 channels with each channel having a different pressure-volume relationship (if required). Each of the 32 buttons on the right hand end has an associated sound preset which can be implimented in just two button presses. As I said, take a look and drop me a line if you want to know more (enquiries@s-wave.co.uk). Dean Onyon
  6. The instrument that you saw at Whitby was a prototype MIDI concertina being played by Bill Whaley to accompany his singing partner Dave Fletcher. And that would have been about 3 years ago when they played for the Folk Festival service. That prototype instrument has now developed into the S-Wave Instruments E64 English MIDI Concertina with the result that the 'Purple People Pleaser', as it became known, has been retired and Bill is now playing a production instrument. This instrument has been mentioned in a number of threads in this forum but if you wish to know more then please visit the S-Wave Instruments website at http://www.s-wave.co.uk. If you wish to know more about Bill and Dave then their website can be found at http://www.whaleyfletcher.co.uk. Oh yes, I'm not claiming that this was the first MIDI concertina either, as I have heard tales of one or two previous attempts to MIDI-fy concertinas, although I don't know if these ever made it on to a stage. Dean Onyon
  7. Thanks Howard, It's taken me a few days to spot this. I don't know why. As Howard mentioned the general concept was introduced to this forum a few months ago. Now I'm actually making a few instruments I've included a couple of pictures. As you will see I am making them in red or black and they have a 64 button English layout. The full website will soon be published on www.s-wave.co.uk so you'll be able to see them there along with a few more details of what the instrument does, how it works etc... In the meantime if anyone out there in forum-space is interested in finding out more please mail me at enquiries@s-wave.co.uk. Dean Onyon
  8. I thought you might like to know that there's something new coming along. It's my take on what a MIDI controller in the form of an English concertina might be and what it might do. Rather than modifying an existing instrument this instrument has been designed from scratch as a MIDI controller which has allowed me to incorporate those features that the instrument needs and discard those that it doesn't. The result is, I hope, something that has become more of an instrument in it's own right. It's not pretending to be a concertina - it's got no bellows for a start - I'm sorry but there was no way to break it to you gently. The prototype has actually been made and used for about 4 years and anyone that has seen the folk duo Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher (www.whaleyfletcher.co.uk) is likely to have seen it in use. Sometimes called the 'Purple People Pleaser' (thanks to John Connolly) it always causes a ripple of interest when it is brought out of its box. The 'production' instrument will be like the prototype - 64 button English layout with a few extra buttons to remotely control voice selection, transposition etc. I anticipate that the cost of the MIDI controller with all the bits and pieces that come with it will be in the range £ 1300 - 1400 (inc VAT). The first one should be built by the end of October and I will be releasing more details and a few pictures once that milestone is acheived. After that the plan is to continue with a small batch to test the market and get a bit of feedback. I also plan to have a website up and running before Christmas. If anyone is interested in contacting me directly, particularly if you are interested in having one of the first batch, my e-mail address is donyon@beeb.net and I will be trading under the name S-Wave Instruments. Dean Onyon
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