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  1. I just got a new one at it comes with a nice case. Always put it in there: no furniture issues. I don’t find the rows assymetric. Got an Elise from CC/Wakker and it’s exactly the same feel, only smaller and less buttons 😉 

    The sound is nice if you like the accordion reeds - no concertina sound at all but well tuned. Only two rows were misplaced (the six rows on the left hand were interchanged)  but my concertina fettler fixed that quite quickly.


    As a summary I‘d say it‘s the best option for a low budget 46-key. If you are okay with 34, then better get the Elise, because it has more the genuine spirit if you know what I mean 😄

  2. 1 hour ago, Little John said:

    It made me wonder whether there would be some interest in me posting a couple of things aimed at budding Crane players. I had in mind something on fingering and adding accompaniment through the example of a simple tune. Nothing like an online tutor! Just a few hints.


    That would be absolutely awesome, I'd appreciate it!

  3. I ordered a concertina from the UK recently. I am in Germany. We pay 19% local VAT plus 3,2% customs for non-vintage (that would be older than 100 ys) instruments.


    The 1.500 GBP instrument was 1.950 GBP in total for me. just a quick calculation example. that’s how things are now. I decided to deal with it. but you really start to think because it makes a dramatic difference.

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  4. On 2/9/2021 at 3:33 AM, Don Taylor said:

    I found this recent video with Juliette Daum playing concertina at around 44 minutes in:



    Just for the records and if anyone's interested - that other lady in the video is the imo fantastic Harriet Earis ( http://www.harrietearis.com ) - it's absolutely worth checking her music and she's a lovely personality on top of that

    sorry for being slightly offtopic :) 

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