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  1. This concertina works with real reeds and real valves.All you do is supply the air using the bellows.. It does not have an electrical sound, it has a real acoustic sound that comes from real valves and reeds fed with air that the bellows produces .I am selling it at half the price you would pay for any decent Concertina.. How does it work? Every valve has an electrical solenoid attached, which in turn corresponds to a matching note that is supplied from a midi file that is on an SD CARD. As the air flows from bellows to a midi selector it tells the corresponding lever to open thus releasing the air and that reed sounds the note.If you stop it also stops and restarts when you start from were it left off.The result is a perfect tune in perfect time and never a mistake.You just work the bellows and it also has real buttons to simulate playing if you wish...but not needed to play.. Not only does it play the melody but it also plays the accompaniment and bass notes giving you a complete sounding tune every time.you can also speed up or slow down the tempo with a press of one of the small tabs..there is a display window for tune selecting..It uses a standard SD card and each card will hold 90 banks and each bank will hold 90 tunes..so that means each SD card will hold 9000 tunes.You can have as many SD cards as you wish.It can be removed from the slot for adding more tunes.The tunes are in midi format and can be got free on a google search.Simply load the SD card to a computer and drag them onto the card and they are ready to play..There are 600 tunes on the card that comes with the concertina I am selling..This concertina is hand made German built with top of the range Weltmeister reeds fitted...It comes with a charger and soft case..So in a nutshell if you want to sound like your an expert player with out actually spending years trying to learn all your favorite tunes.then just load them and play them right of the bat. Its practically new and in mint condition.I was hand built in Germany.I payed 2040 euros for new. and I have the bill of sale.. I am regretfully selling due to my job has me traveling a lot now and I can't find the time to enjoy it. I am based in Ireland.I will cover the post within EU, I can send it anywhere outside EU but any extra charges like duty tax is down to the buyer,,Cheers Jack
  2. 18 Button Stagi A-18 English Concertina for sale.Mint condition.in perfect tune...I can send a video on request..£180 Plus postage. Cheers Jack
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