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  1. Sorry for delay, but have been rather busy lately. I stripped the end where the rattle was, and found this rogue reed just floating about. Mystery as all 20 buttons are working normally, and the spare reed shows no sign of having been fixed anywhere. The underside is flush, with no signs of any glue, so how it would have been fastened down I do not know. The reed is made of steel and its mount is brass. It measures 4cm long and is .9 cm at its widest point. There is a 21st button on one end, and when pressed just lets air into the bellows (or releases ) air from it. This button is at the opposite side to where I found the loose reed. Thanks Dowright for the date, it was either bought second hand or by my grandparents! Eddystone
  2. Hi Dowright, can you help me? I have what I believe to be a Lachenal Anglo with a serial number of 181530. It belonged to my parents, who got married in 1931. It came to me in the 1940's. Where they obtained it I do not know. It has 21 ebony buttons, a 5 section bellows, a rosewood fret and its only mark other than the serial number is a stamp saying steel reeds. It has stayed unlooked at for decades, but recently my daughter recovered it from my loft, where we found it rattled. I have now dismantled one end, only to find a reed floating free. All of the buttons work, except the 21st one which just seems to be a bellows release. (the 21st. button is on the other end to the one I took off).There are no empty chambers, so the reed is a mystery. The machine has never been touched , repaired or adjusted for at least 70 years. Uncovering the reed section showed no markings of any sort. The reed measures 40mm so appears to be a bass one. I
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