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  1. Firstly, I'm a piper. I "2nd" on concertina. I have a Suttner C/G & within 2 wks. I should have my Suttner C#/G#. In addition to all of that. I have a Dipper on order. Orginally, it was to be a C/G w/ the John Williams key system (I direct all enquiries about that to himself. Theres a link to him under the links section of Pauls site). Anyhow, I thought recently that it was absurd to A) have 3 tinas and 2 in the same pitch. An A/E would allow me to play with a B set of pipes as opposed to solo or with a stringed instrument capo'd. We've all heard killer Ab/Eb instruments from both Suttner and Dipper...but I have yet to hear a recording with B pipes and an A/E tina? Firstly, has anyone hear tinas in this pitch? How do they sound? Thanks Brazen Kaine
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