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  1. Hi A concertina player appears in the seedy waterfront nightclub band in deepest darkest Africa accompanying dancer Adele Mara, in this cracking vampire B move. Check it out on You Tube Jim
  2. Hi Followed Dave Elliott's instructions on my Lachenal EC, worked a treat. You can easily pick up small amounts of stiff thin leather on eBay jIM
  3. Hi Just got an old Lachenal 48b EC up and running . The bellows were mucky on the outside and stiff. They were pretty good on the inside, linen hinges were in excellent condition . I cleaned the leather with lanolin / beeswax Hide Food, and that freed them up beautifully. Airtight and now quite free. They've got quite a suck on them when held against a flat surface! How often do you folks recommend I redress the leather, to maintain suppleness? Jim
  4. Hi Got some Super Nicko , which is actually a burnishing cream .Brought the wood up a treat! Thanks all Jim
  5. Thank you Mr Dowright! Hopefully we'll get the old girl singing again! Concertinas are girls? Jim
  6. Hi I'm probably a 120-140 mile round trip to my nearest jewellers !! However , there's lots of crafty type folk in these parts, I'll ask around . Might be someone who has such a thing! Good idea! Thanks Jim
  7. Hi all Just got an old Lachenal English .Pretty good overall . Wood work is rosewood veneer over another wood . I would guess that this was originally finished with French polish. It is in pretty good condition , none of the fretwork missing or chipped .A few small chips round the edge and a couple of fingernail gouges- not through the rosewood. Ive encountered a few old banjos over the years which were French polished .Do the same rules apply, just a clean with warm soapy water and dry ? Any point applying a furniture wax/paste wax to further protect. The instrument is a tutor model with red C keys and stamped note letters . Some people suggest popping the keys in a dishwasher. Don't want to lose the red staining nor the remainders of stampings. I'd be just as happy cleaning each button individually- soapy water again? Can I ad soft electricials wax to highlight the letters? Ta Jim
  8. Hi all I'm aware of Simons T's music .Scary stuff at times, in the same way as his shirts! His vlogs are really open and honest .Great stuff.. In the process of re-aquainting myself with EC content on YTube , Jim
  9. Hi Definitely English! Lachenal and Co sticker, serial number is stamped on the white linen baffling. Serial is 49750- mis-typed .Sorry all Jim
  10. Hi Long shot......... anyone teaching English concertina in the highlands? Scotland even? Jim
  11. Hi Mr Dowright I've picked put basic Lachenal english, serial no 79750. Round about 1910? Nice condition, just one reed not saying much. Need to get inside for a shufty. If there are any dates from the craftsmen scribbled inside I'll let you know for your database. Jim
  12. Hi Mr Dowright Just recieved a Lachenal English basic model, 5 fold bellows ,rosewood veneer. Serial 79750, about 1910? Jim
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