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  1. I get the feeling from the discussion on this post that there is a market for G-bass English Concertinas: maybe a small market, for dozens rather than hundreds of instruments. Perhaps some of the makers might like to think about coming up with a specification and a guide price, and see how many customers step forward to provide orders for new instruments.
  2. I have an ex- Salvation Army treble Lachenal EC, it is a B-flat instrument (i.e. the buttons all sound one tone lower than on a 'regular'). I bought it from a Northumbrian Piper about 30 years ago: he had acquired a suite of several EC including a bass [a big regret in my life, I didn't buy the bass !!]. So, if the bass was also a B-flat instrument, it would sound F when you press the G button ... which means you wouldn't have to replace the G-sharp with F reeds, but you would need to transpose every note up when playing in a concert-pitch session.
  3. I've sent you a p.m. about the duet instrument
  4. I've sent you a p.m. about these
  5. I still have it and you're welcome to have it free of charge. If you send me a P.M. with your address I'll send it to you.
  6. If no copy has turned up, I have one that I'd happily part with. I got it when it first came out, tried (and failed) to play the tunes with arrangements and put the book in a cupboard. If I haven't tried again in 26 years I probably never will. Just let me know where to send it and I'll drop it in the post.
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