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  1. Good one on the alibaba.com Good info, thanks.
  2. Could the Irish definition be slightly different?
  3. Here is the definition of "produce" from American Google:
  4. Are those 3 Concertinas the only ones they "produce" ?
  5. The word "produce" is associated with the Phoenix and Swan models - their better or higher quality models.
  6. I do like the looks of the Rochelle better than the wren2 but someone mentioned that the Rochelle is Chinese production. I did not find out about the wren2, is it Chinese too?
  7. Thanks. I'm sure the current owner has used up the lessons already because the ad says they only played it twice!
  8. Yeah I should check out Craig's, everyone is on offer up now but I'm going to check in with Craig.......
  9. The Rochelle is $425 shipped from Concertina Connection. The person near me wants $400 for their wren2. So McNeela makes/builds both of these models in house, in Ireland??
  10. Thanks letting me know about them. Some one near me has a wren2 for $400
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