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  1. http://info@mattersmusical.com No, it's because I wasn't yet 'approved' for membership, so sorry about the duplications!
  2. It's me, the afore-mentioned English concertina player Frank Warren! Still alive, just about, love to hear from Dave, Stephen, or anyone else from that era. Haven't played concertina really at all since my duo album with Tom Madden in 1977, but have recently revived it down here in Dorset, where I am in touch with, and involved with some music with, Tim Laycock in the community,. Lockdown notwithstanding, hope to get back into playing more soon, both my trebles and baritone currently being restored by http://www.concertinas-uk.co.uk/index.htm! E: info@mattersmusical.com Phone 07790 014279 Cheers and over and out. Links:http://www.concertinas-uk.co.uk/index.htm info@mattersmusical.com www.mattersmusical.com PS: can't see how to post HTML links on here, but maybe because that's the post is from 11 years ago!
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