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    English Concertina. Hammered Dulcimer. Song writing in the traditional style. Whitewater kayaking. Foraging for wild mushrooms and plants.
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    Lakeville, CT. USA

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  1. Sweet! How do I find a link to this so I can share it with my music pals?
  2. Bummer! I am planning to have a Wheatstone shipped top me for a trail run from my friends at the Buttonbox. I trust they know how to pack concertinas well.
  3. Scottish and Irish jigs, using the out, out, in bellows pattern on the English Concertina.
  4. For some reason the videos I posted in this conversation seemed to get mixed up, but now they are back to normal.
  5. Dick, I will! Bet you thought that you did well doubling your money on that Jeffries...
  6. Scottish and Irish Jigs. I use a bellows pattern of "out, out, in" throughout. Takes some getting used to, but make jigs very fun to play!
  7. Here are some Scottish reels that I played on an album with the late Johnny Cunningham. Using the bellows patterns and accenting the back beat really helps get the rhythmic sound that dance music requires.
  8. Ken is a long time friend, and was inspired to take up the concertina when we met and played together at a festival in Norfolk, VA. He also restores concertinas, and I am currently playing a Wheatstone that I bought from him!
  9. Hey thanks for helping me get caught up in this great Concertina Net! Yes, Tom White is a good friend and we have been playing together for years. I haven't recorded many Quebecois tunes but here is a medley that ends with a reel from up there.
  10. A mazurka and two reels. I learned the last tune from box player Sean McGlynn years ago, but never got a name for it so we call it after him, Sean McGlynn's. Anyone else out there playing Irish music on the English system concertina? I would love to hear from you!
  11. Two reels, Cottage in the grove and All hands Around.
  12. From my album with the band All Hands Around with Roger Burridge on fiddle and Michael Shorrock, bouzouki and guitar. I am playing a Wheatstone (Aeola Model) English Concertina.
  13. I find this often happens when trying out an unfamiliar instrument. The comment about playing a few arpeggios or whatever to make sure you are in the right place is a good idea, but if in a performance you can't do that, a visual check also helps.
  14. Hello. David Paton here. I have been playing English Concertina since 1972 and have a zillion tunes and a unique style that works great for Irish, Scottish and other types of dance music. I have performed and recorded with many great musicians including the late Johnny Cunningham, and have two albums of my own available from the Smithsonian Folkways Archive of Folk music from Folk-Legacy Records. I am currently teaching online lessons and would be happy to talk and tell you more about my playing and what I have to offer. Learn to use the bellows to add rhythm to your playing! Yes, the English Concertina can rock the old tunes! Here are a few links to my music on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cecWOeRwgy4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6grCW_F9tk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qh8vUFCgGY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQbWwm00ARw No matter what your level of experience or musical interests I will be happy to help you with your playing style and repertoire. Feel free to call me at 860-866-8923 to talk concertina! Best wishes, Dave
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