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  1. This one is already fitted with a sheet of thick felt under the buttons to help this. The sticky button was actually more because of a slightly bent spring, that didn't really push the button back in place. So maybe "sticky" is not the right word However, I am thinking of maybe raising the felt sheets a bit with some thin wooden sheets. Fortunately I have access to a lasercutter, so getting the dimensions right should not be a problem As I mentioned, I am not planning on selling it. I'll give it to my niece, so she can see if it actually is something she wants to pursue. If she doesn't stick to it, I'll gladly take it back, since it's such a curious little thing. And if the mechanism breaks eventually, I might try and turn it into a digi-tina at some point
  2. It measures 104 mm (so roughly 4") on the flats, and the inner mechanism is similar to the one he shows in the first video, except most of it is metal and not wood. It might be an original, or it might be a copy. Either way, it is absolutely a bottom-tier box I did manage to fix a sticky button by straightening the spring, but only because it was the outermost button in the row. Otherwise they are quite hard to get to properly. Thanks for the feedback 👍
  3. Hello everyone I was browsing my local second hand shop today came across this odd little box, in which was an equally odd concertina. It was really cheap already and on sale on top of that (I ended up paying about 12 euro for it), so I thought "why not?" The production year can be narrowed down somewhat, given that it is produced in the "German Democratic Republic" (East Germany) so somewhere between 1949 and 1990. A quick google makes me believe that it is a Scholer, but perhaps someone can verify this? Also it seems to be a G/D instead of a C/G. It feels really cheap and is leaky, but sounds ok for what it is. The buttons are decently responsive and overall it feels much better than the 200 euro Chinese eBay crap I started with a year ago. Yes, I am one of those people I probably won't be choosing this over my Phoenix anytime soon, but I might give it to my niece so she has one of her own to get started with. She's tried playing my Phoenix and is annoyingly quick to learn
  4. Hello everyone! I have been playing Anglo (McNeela Phoenix) for about a year now, and really love it, but I would love to try out English as well, just to see what I can do with that I've looked around and have settled on a CC Jack since I like the lower notes on it - and also that it won't destroy my budget. However, I am hesitant to buy one directly from CC, since there will be an added customs tax on shipping from the US to Denmark. Does anyone know of an EU-based reseller perhaps? Have tried googling, but didn't really find any - but perhaps I was just not looking hard enough
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