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  1. I’m Sorry I didn’t see this post before now. Or I would have answered. As none of the replies to Lyle Aubry mentioned anything about the Eirú or the Vintage I thought as the maker of the Eirú and the Vintage that I should step forward. I make three different level’s of concertina here in Ireland. The first is The Clare which would compare well with the Morse, Andrew Norman, A P James and this one uses Accordion reeds. The Second is the Vintage which has riveted reeds, and this one is on a par with the 7 Mount and Frank Edgley’s Heritage. The third model I make is called the Eirú and this compares with the top models around the world such as the Suttner, Wakker, Connors.etc. All the information including Video’s are on the Irish Concertina Company’s website. I make these instruments in the Trad Shop in Dublin and very often people like Lyle Would e mail to say they were coming to Ireland for a holiday and would like to visit our shop with the intention of buying from the maker and while they are here they can see the process in action. Our shop is our number one priority and we will always have stock to sell in the Glass case
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