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  1. the anglo-german system is the same as most types of of German concertinas, chemnitzers bandonéons in the center if the keyboard. There is a logic to this system but bandoneóns and German concertinas are built with long rows of reeds fastened on the same plate inlike English concertinas where every pair of reed has an individual plate, so if you want add notes you must add them in the extremities of the plate and you cannot change the middle part, the more you go in the treble and the bass the more you go on the outside of the keyboard. There is no more internal logic to these extensions, there is only a historical explanation.
  2. Very interesting, as a bandoneon player I have been in visiting and playing in Argentina since years I never heard about this system there! Could you please find this reference of an Italian website. If this CBArnokd was exported to Argentina it was probably not in Buenos Aires. I would guess it was meant to some German communities living in Argentina there are still some playing German concertinas there. Tango players very reluctant to play other systems most of them don't even know they exist.
  3. Alfred Arnold, son of Ernst Luis Arnold started his own company AA in Karlsfeld while his father went on with his one ELA in Chemnitz, the main city of Erzbegirge ( the iron mountain,caled so because of the quality of the iron extraxted in the local mine.(therefore were the steel reed instruments made there!) http://bandonion.info/en/solo,116.htm here some pictures of the very cute Uhlig's first konzerina
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