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  1. Re: Cowboy songs out of copyright: I know I’m replying too late for this book, Cowboy Concertina, but hopefully there will be a volume two. There is a book by Katie Lee, “10,000 Goddam Cattle: A History of The American Cowboy in Song, Story, and Verse.” She collected many old cowboy songs, some of which I’ve never seen elsewhere. I bought a copy years ago, and still sing some of these to my children. Some are classics, and some are versions I’ve only seen in this book. I imagine most are out of copyright. I hope you can bring these songs back to life again with some concertina tunes. Thanks. https://www.katydoodit.com/katies-store/katies-books/ten-thousand-goddam-cattle/ PS. It turns out she’s a legend in the Southwest.
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