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  1. I’ve had my concertina for 4 days, and I’ve began learning from “Easy Anglo 1-2-3” by Gary Coover. It’s certainly challenging, but so far quite rewarding. I also worked out scales in G and D and I’m working on getting them under my fingers. I can tell it’s going to take a while to get to the point where I can play melody and harmony and sound nice (instead of clumsily honking through a tune on a single row), but I look forward to the journey there. Its my mums birthday today and I had wanted to play her ‘Happy Birthday’ with a nice harmony, I transcribed a version Whic
  2. Thank you kindly for linking this!
  3. The name rings a bell, but I'm not sure why; and I have been meaning to attend things in Lewes, this gives me more of an excuse, cheers!
  4. From the man himself! Well, I decided to purchase both, and start with 1-2-3 and then move onto ACHS, just to give me the gradual build up for learning. I'm pleased to be told that! I've not had the pleasure to meet John yet, but several of the band members and dancers for Brighton Morris come play at the session I play at, so the degree of separation is small. Would be great to meet him and bust out one of his arrangements as a 'tina hello! cheers !
  5. The prudent thing may be to buy both perhaps!
  6. Thank for the reply. I wouldn't say I was accomplished though! Just over eager.
  7. Greetings all, I am hoping to gain advice on which tutor book to purchase. I'm sure this has been enquired about multiple times before, but thought it was worth asking considering my specific experience and wants. For some background, I have wanted to learn the concertina since I was 17, (but opted for a electric guitar for my 18th birthday instead, I was a fool), and have now finally ordered a 30 button anglo. I have general music knowledge and experience playing folk music in an English session (on tin whistle) in Brighton where I live. I also finally learned to read music
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