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  1. I'm thinking about upgrading concertinas, but am a little unsure about what the extra upgrade is going to get me. I currently have a Morse Ceili. The buttons respond fast, better than anything I've ever tried (a lot of the vintage instruments I've tried don't seem to have great response in the buttons, making it hard to do ornaments). The response in the bellows is definitely far better than the Wren I started on, but I wonder if a better concertina will get me better action or response there. I have trouble playing reels up to 120 on the Morse, and I wonder if a good modern concertina (Suttner?) would be a good option. I know that high-end concertinas have real concertina reeds (as opposed to the Morse), and I like the sound of concertina reeds better. But do these reeds make the instrument more playable at a high level? Or is there something else about better concertinas that makes them more playable? If it was just about the difference between the sound of the reeds, I would hold off on spending the extra 2 or 3 k (after selling the Morse) that it would take to get a high-end instrument. So how would a good modern-built instrument compare in playability to the Morse I have now? Any advice on this is appreciated!
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