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  1. Button box does rentals—I’d give them a call!
  2. McNeela has some used--usually they're over 500. I've never seen the Wren used, but you could just email them. Also, the Swan has rivet-action (I called it lever-action--oops).
  3. I wanted to follow up with this, in case it helps anybody else. I ended up buying a couple sizes of brass tubing at ACE Hardware (US). The button looked like it would fit well--we drilled in from the underneath the flat board (reed pan?) to insert the brass tube, but then the part of the button that fanned outward would catch in the brass tube, wedging itself. We pulled out the tube and patched the hole we made with aluminum duct tape (the metallic stuff, not the stretchy gray stuff). Don't make that mistake and you won't have to tape anything. Anyways, the solution was to cut out the broken, thin, wood using a utility knife and then use a chisel on a thin piece of wood to make a patch, which we glued into the gap. I don't use that button too much, but it's been working well since.
  4. Hello, I'm in a similar boat and here's what I've got for you: 1. I tried the Wren, but had to send it back due to sticky buttons--if you're in the states the postage is pricey. It has a hard case, a good sound, and and it is smaller than the Rochelle--if it hadn't had the problems, then I would've kept it. I found the G-row a little too close to the handle and the bellows and buttons a bit chintzy. McNeela was very easy and responsive to deal with and ultimately fair regarding a delayed return. They also have a Swan that goes on sale for 750ish USD sometimes that seems nicer--leather bellows and lever-action. People seem to like it. 2. I haven't tried the Rochelle, but if you want it cheap, call the Button Box on the phone (skip the website) and talk to them about a used or new one. I think they have 2 or 3 used for 375 right now that aren't on the website. 3. I'm currently borrowing a Stagi that I like better than the Wren. I had a rarely used accidental-button that busted through a thin piece of wood, but a friend fixed it. The construction is pretty neat inside otherwise. This one looks almost identical, but it's flat-black. I can't vouch for the dealer here: https://www.jimlaabsmusicstore.com/store/stagi-w-15-ln-anglo-concertina/ 4. I'm currently having the dilemma of going up to an intermediate and skipping the beginner problem concertinas. I'm considering the Rochelle so I can trade it for the Minstrel without taking a loss (through CC or Fiddler's Green), but if I knew that I would never trade up and had to keep it near 500, I'd buy the Stagi listed above, since it has leather bellows, metal buttons, and a sturdy lever system. Sometimes the air button feels a little awkward on my thumb after playing for awhile. 5. I think I've spent more time shopping and reading about these damn things than actually playing one.
  5. I’m in a similar boat. I would love to actually learn to play if I could have a working model in my hands. I had a Wren that arrived with sticky buttons. I liked the sound and size of it, but I couldn’t fix it. They were great about the return and communicating but it was nearly 100 bucks lost on round trip postage to and from the states. I’m currently borrowing a Stagi W-15-LN which would appear to fit the bill that you’re seeking—leather bellows, metal buttons, around 600 bucks without a case, but within a few days the bottom of the button blew through the wood below it (see repair forums). I did hear good things about the Swan and even saw it on sale for somewhere in the 700s a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t want to risk the postage if I had a problem. I’m currently planning to get a Rochelle and earn my upgrade to a Minstrel, but I am tempted to go straight to the Minstrel. To me the Minstrel is a good choice if you’re willing to spend 1500 (1300 if you can get a used one), based on what I’ve read and heard, plus if you’re in the states, the postage for fixes at Concertina Connection is much more affordable.
  6. Wow, Tiposx, thank you for such a thoughtful response. I’m going to have to go scouting for supplies—especially that brass tubing, but I just might be able to make that work. I agree the spring and lever system is nice and tidy and works well—why they thought all that rubbing of metal buttons against soft wood wouldn’t be a problem, I don’t understand.
  7. Hi guys, I just started concertina very recently and borrowed a Stagi W-15-LN. The key got stuck down and I opened it up and found that the block with the keyholes (I don’t know the official names) split. I’m assuming the friction of the button wore through the wood. Does anybody have any experience making a channel for this kind of situation? I’m assuming you could make it from rubber tubing but I don’t know if it would grab the key or if I could manage to make the tubing channel stay inside the wooden hole. I also noted that there is an indentation where the key bottoms out at the wood. It’s pretty soft wood and it’s hammered a dent in the bottom. I think that because the key can sink so low, it now gets stuck in the dent. Perhaps fill that with a little glue? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! Paul
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