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  1. Hi Sid, Actually I've just purchased another concertina that's on its way, so hopefully I'll not be needing one by then. But in the off chance, that could be a possibility. I'm in Bellingham, WA in any case.
  2. Okay, super! Is the strap for going around the neck/shoulder? Does it connect to those little brass loops by the thumb straps?
  3. Super, could you tell me the lowest and highest notes? Does it play G below middle C?
  4. Hey Steve, I'm selling this concertina on ebay (note it is in western USA). It's an italian anglo, twenty key, in C/G. See the link for description. I did a little work on it because the rubber sleeves were totally wasted. I'm an amateur, but it seems pretty good to me. It's listed for 120, though I"m looking for 100 for it. Good luck!
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