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  1. 20 buttons suffice. I admit I need more practice ?
  2. I stumbled upon this lovely tune with interesting history. Written in 20th century inspired by a medieval icelandic text... My version is maybe a bit too hasty, I don't know: original:
  3. My contribution to this topic. I stumbled upon this tune only recently, although I think I've heard it before in my life and I fell suddenly in love with it.
  4. RAc, your right, I lose rhythm when my technique is insufficient. See my second recording. You must agree I'm getting better :-). The discipline works, you nailed it. One more thing- today this Wren concertina from McNeela was shipped to my door and this is the first tune I played on it. I find the instrument a decent "work horse" for someone who wants to learn. The Swan concertina from my upper video- I sent it today to Ireland to be repaired ?
  5. That's strange. Exactly the same with me. Today I sent my concertina to be repaired- one button stopped working ? Keep the good work and post your achievement! I would appreciate help with the left hand.
  6. I love it so much I had to learn it immediately. Of course it will take me some more practice to perfect it, but nevertheless- I'm very happy with this first siplest arrangement: In the attachment bellow- the original. Listen to it and in the very last second it gives away- the tune has been played on accordion- the passage with the finger sweeping over the keyboard- it's obvious. Hello sailor.mp3
  7. Possibly with a volume pedal... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2281981028729254&id=100007521360128
  8. Jerushalaim shel zahav Hava nagila oyfen pripitchik originals:
  9. Today passed away maybe one of the most importaint cinema and television composers of all times.
  10. This is one of my favourite jewish songs.
  11. A very beautiful slovene pop song from the '75.
  12. Yes, the version you find sounds really beautiful. It's played on a 30-buttons though. My simplistic version....
  13. It's hard to believe, but it seems to me that this song has not been played in this forum yet. It's one of the most famous songs of all times.
  14. Slovene pop song classic, no doubt one of the top ten.
  15. I hope someone likes it. Or hate it, I don't mind.
  16. my arrangement: original:
  17. Oho, tio estas surpriso. IoN similaN mi ne atendis. Fartu bone kaj mi deziras al vi grandaN sukcesoN kun via traduko.
  18. I'm posting this just for fun. Never has ever been in this forum published a post in esperanto, I believe. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido. Plue jam simplas la voj'. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido, Vojo de ĝojo kaj plor'. Etendu viajn manojn, Vent' kombu viajn harojn. Suno vian memoron Konservos en kor'. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido, Tremas rivero kaj lag'. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido, Susuras nokto kaj tag'. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido, Morgaŭ disblovos nin vent'. Ĝis revido, ĝis revido, Profito estos aŭ perd'? And this is the original
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