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  1. Now, this is an enigmatic, melancholic yet beautiful tune by Vlado Kreslin- a slovene cantautor. https://genius.com/Vlado-kreslin-namesto-koga-roza-cveti-lyrics original:
  2. Another day another dance.
  3. Hello, Stephen, I play anglo. As I said, my story began last january, I bought myself on Amazon the cheapest china-made 20-buttons anglo concertina. And I immediately grasped that that was the right thing for me. It took me a week to learn Oh Susanna (both hands). And from than on it went very quickly, no lessons, nothing. Maybe someday I will look for a teacher to give me lessons, but for the moment there are so many things I'm finding every day, I need no help yet. That would also be my advise for a beginner- just squeeze it and explore. First learn to use the language, the grammar can come later.
  4. Don't understand me wrong. I was told about my shortcomings in a nice and friendly way. I used the word "reprimand"- I have maybe used too sharp word. Never have other people shown me hate upon hearing my concertina playing- except once. And it was funny. This year in august I played on a town square (yes sometimes I do a streetperformer) and a woman went past me and hissed hostile: "Go and find a work!" It was awkward, but someone heard her and came to me saying, that he liked my playing. We had a good laugh. The woman must have had a bad day, maybe a bad reincarnation 🙂
  5. This week I had a short private correspondence with a more skilled and reverent member of this forum and he naturally reprimanded my finger tecnique and my rythm shortcomings. I confessed and admitted everything with much humbleness. I also self-accused me of having butchered some tunes trying to make my own arrangement. Well I have null musical formation at all. BUT I LOVE THIS INSTRUMENT. See what happened to me several weeks ago to be in a mountain cottage where I met a company of merry strangers. One of them played an accordion. I brought my concertina up there (2000 m altitude). The accordion player had his instrument permanently stored in the cottage because of its weight, naturally. He played very well, but his repertoire was somehow limited. My estimate is he knew to play max. 20 tunes- but he played them very well. I, on the other hand, could play litteraly any tune which came up in conversaion in less than 10 minutes. So main reason for my love for concertina are: - easy to play (I started in january this year and I can already play hundreds of tunes) - portable (can put in my rucksack) - loud and fun if other people sing with me (I find playing and singing simultaneously for the moment very difficult, I managed to learn it only in few songs) - can play very diverse genres, people are amazed because they have these prejudices that on an irish instrument one can play only irish music 🙂
  6. Another day, another tune 🙂 Original from movie Doctor Zhivago
  7. Welsh folk song. I prefer playing it a little faster. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ixugmfPUFr5TejJN7
  8. Now, this is an lovely and simple tune. Children's version: Freddie Mercury sang it in Budimpest in 86:
  9. Simply having fun...
  10. Not bad for a beginner i believe. I'm not done with you, you Handel, you old rascal!
  11. A song by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel.
  12. 20 buttons suffice. I admit I need more practice ?
  13. I stumbled upon this lovely tune with interesting history. Written in 20th century inspired by a medieval icelandic text... My version is maybe a bit too hasty, I don't know: original:
  14. My contribution to this topic. I stumbled upon this tune only recently, although I think I've heard it before in my life and I fell suddenly in love with it.
  15. RAc, your right, I lose rhythm when my technique is insufficient. See my second recording. You must agree I'm getting better :-). The discipline works, you nailed it. One more thing- today this Wren concertina from McNeela was shipped to my door and this is the first tune I played on it. I find the instrument a decent "work horse" for someone who wants to learn. The Swan concertina from my upper video- I sent it today to Ireland to be repaired ?
  16. That's strange. Exactly the same with me. Today I sent my concertina to be repaired- one button stopped working ? Keep the good work and post your achievement! I would appreciate help with the left hand.
  17. I love it so much I had to learn it immediately. Of course it will take me some more practice to perfect it, but nevertheless- I'm very happy with this first siplest arrangement: In the attachment bellow- the original. Listen to it and in the very last second it gives away- the tune has been played on accordion- the passage with the finger sweeping over the keyboard- it's obvious. Hello sailor.mp3
  18. Possibly with a volume pedal... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2281981028729254&id=100007521360128
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