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  1. It all began a year or so ago. I bought one of those pitiable DDR concertina for 90 euro. The bellows were kaputt. They were litteraly glued together. I tore it apart and the fiber in all corners which should be air tight was reduced to a leaky cloth. Black scales were falling away. I sprayed the corners with a sealing asphalt spray. It helped a little, but in whole the instrument was unplayable. The reeds are in excellent condition though. It seems it was never played. Now, for the last three years I attended an origami workshop and it always seemed to me that bellows could be done in origami techique. Origamists were invited to help planning solar pannels for the space probes, architects use origami, so why not bellows? Last nighti came across this video: https://youtu.be/ldmCQayLieI?si=re5ReLLLurah_taN

    I rolled up my sleeves and with modicum tools that I own I managed to do it in only one day! I began with smaller models (the yellow little in the photo bellow), measured, and adjusted the proportions etc.

    Tools: jigsaw, hotglue pistol, scroll saw

    Materials: wood plank, cardboard folder, thick black cardboard, black strong adhesive tape

    Skills: next to nil

    The result is ugly. Of course it is leaky, it's made of thick cardboard which upon few foldings rips- and with not much care. Only leather can remain flexible and airtight after milions of foldings.


    Guys, I believe I will restore this concertina 100% to its former glory. (In words we-know-who: MAGA- MakeAccordionGreatAgain)!




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  2. On 7/17/2023 at 2:09 PM, wes williams said:


    We would estimate 76924 as circa 1883.

    Thank you, Wess. This is an impressive age! First I couldn't believe, then I opened it and upon seeing proper concertina reeds (until now I only owned hibrids), I believe it is really this old. The only thing which rises my eybrow are the buttons. They look very "plastic". Did in 19th century plastic even exist or is it a result of a later refurbishment? 


  3. 6 hours ago, Wolf Molkentin said:

    still getting worse - had been informed that the parcel was held by customs, phoned them, they confirmed, so I went there today, but they actually  don‘t have anything and can’t even tell re the whereabouts - and I have to file a declaration, four or five pages, don‘t have a clue about many of these questions as raised in the online schedule - I tried and still hope to conclude this deal at some point, but I have to say that buying from a UK seller is a no-no from now on, which is a real pity!

    I also got burned. For a 1200€ worth instrument I paid 300€ customs fee. Pay it and take it or they will shred the parcel they said. Buying from UK for EU residents- red flag!

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