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  1. Hello RAc, I’m assuming that you’re asking about a piece of furniture as opposed to a concertina. You could put a dab on the under side where it would last indefinitely. Or on the inside of a leg or you could do both.As for a concertina I would put a dab between the bellow folds on the underside. You register your vial with the smart water company. Where there are two dabs if the original owner claims that the concertina was stolen from them, it would be returned to them, even though you as the second person had bought it in good faith. That’s the law and why they always say buyer beware. If you buy a stolen item even in good faith it’s not legally yours if the original owner wants it back. There are two types of smart water, ones that work in shops that effectively detonate all over a thief. This is where you see that it’s all through their hair and clothing. The other is sold in tiny vials, often given away by insurance companies if you take out their insurance. I can only describe it as looking like nail varnish but one that goes invisible. As I said earlier it’s detected by UV, but as someone else pointed out, that’s only the beginning there are markers in there that are invisible. Smart water don’t divulge what they put in it but each vial is unique. You make it yours by registering your details against your vial. I understand about what people are saying about knowing their concertinas but it does no harm if you’re given a free vial to put a dab on. You’re instrument could be missing for years and go through a pawn shop or an auction house. Most pawn shops check their items as far as I’m aware and a reputable auction house selling a high end instrument should check. None of these places want a reputation of handling stolen goods.
  2. It comes in a small vial and is unique to you almost like DNA in theory. You paint a small dot unobtrusively and it will be invisible when dry. It’s only detectable in UV light. Most police forces screen their stolen recovered property to see if it’s marked with smart water and then they know by checking smart waters database who it has been stolen from. it doesn’t stop items being stolen as such but it means than your item can be returned to you. It also means that the suspect can be charged for either handling or theft. It acts as a deterrent Tracker tabs do as they say in that you can track the item which may aid in its recovery but a determined thief could remove it if they suspected it was there and located it.
  3. Thankyou for all your kind and informative comments and I agree with everything from both ends of the spectrum. I haven’t heard of any of the books you mention Gary apart from the Kimball one which I’ve never actually seen. I don’t suppose you could do a slower u tube tutorial at some point covering this, I’m sure a lot of people like myself would find it beneficial as it’s not always easy to access quality tuition. I suppose that is probably part of my problem as I’m very much a visual learner who prefers to be shown something as opposed to reading. Thank you all very much
  4. Hello, Has anyone found a way of turning Gary Coover’s tablature into notation. I really can’t get to grips with it and feel like I’m double translating every note. I would find it much easier with just sheet music. Many Thanks
  5. Thankyou, that’s very kind of all of you to reply
  6. Hello, I’m new to playing having learned using videos. I could really benefit from some face to face lessons. Is there anyone in the Glasgow area able to teach. Anglo. Many Thanks
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