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  1. Dowright, Many thanks to your reply, I appreciate that even an approximation is better than nothing so late 19 th Century or early 20th is better than nothing. I like the picture you paint concerning shopping for an instrument, I shall leave this to the imagination. Concerning an inimitable model or not I will know more when the instrument insides has been looked at more closely. Thanks again for sharing your resourcing knowledge.
  2. Hi, everyone a fascinating read and very helpful in gathering a date on a precious instrument, shedding more light on its life. I think I have managed to date my gem from the first page of this thread, thanks in particular to Dowright but also Mike and John, so a “Lachenal and co” label on an 48 button EC with Rosewood ends and fancy brass inlays having a serial number of 49209 = circa 1909 ? The Lachenal labelled box accompanying the concertina is a leather one and I did manage to find in an old 1905 Lachenal price list online, a description of a 48 button EC with rosewood ends having a leather case, interestingly you could upgrade the concertina to nickel end plates for an extra 22 shillings! Concerning the Lachenal production numbers per year, 3000+ is this approximated to EC’s, Anglos and Duets combined?
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