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    I play piano, piano accordion, concertina and melodeon, and collect and try to fix old broken musical instruments.
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    Lincoln, England

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I am a young aspiring musical instrument restorer and have a long waiting list of cheaply-acquired old instruments to mend, including a player piano, a portable harmonium, and far too many piano accordions! I also have a habit of ending up with instruments that I can't find anything out about, often made by mysterious companies such as 'Williams' or 'Waldberg', which seemingly have no historical presence, at least on the internet...

I currently own three concertinas; a c. 1878 20 button Lachenal anglo, a c. 1895 30 button Lachenal anglo, and a c. 2010 McNeela Wren II, which is my only playable concertina at the moment!

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