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  1. Hello all. I know to some this will not be of interest, but I just want to share a rather marvellous musical father, daughter experience I have just had. I'm no expert on my 20 c/g, and I do stuggle with remembering tunes. I took up concertina after suffering near fatal heart trouble a couple of years ago, an instrument I've always loved to hear. Tunes really don't come easy to me though. My daughter on the other hand is rather good though. She is autistic with learning difficulties, but she has a talent for hearing a tune a couple of times and then playing it. Today I'm here looking after my children, (divorced from mum) and I have brough my concertina with me. I played "a roving" and a couple of minutes later she was playing along with me on her piano. That was it, her playing, me singing, then both playing. I honestly can't describe the pleasure! It definitely ranks right up top. Thank you for sharing my experience. Neil
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