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    My new (to me) Stratavarious chemnitzer, and English concertina and dog rescue.
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  1. A question from a new chemnitzer owner. Never played one, and can't find an instructor. I bought a book on how to learn it but found out the fingering numbers  did not match the notes. Is this normal?

    1. saguaro_squeezer


      Hi Vickie, first make sure that you go over to the US Concertina Assn at https://www.facebook.com/usconcertina/ .

      Second, what do yo mean by fingering numbers not matching notes?  Chemnitzers are like band instruments ... they play the same notes but sound depending on their compass.  On the RH, the first row is the G row and the middle is the A row.  So if you have a C Chemnitzer, you will get G and A pitch scales.  If you have a Bb Chemnitzer, you will get F and G pitch scales, but the music will still be written in G and A.


      Ask around on that FB page and I'll bet that you'll find someone.

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