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  1. I'm on a very low budget and I'm looking for a concertina, but what I am not sure is If should buy a reliable one like this one I found on ButtonBox: Concertina Connection Elise Save $45! 34-key Hayden duet, with traditional riveted action, 7-fold bellows, Hayden-specified keyboard slant and spacing (see note layout). Package includes soft case and a book written specifically for the instrument. Video. We understand that some owners would want to ‘move up’ in the concertina world after having played the instrument for a while. To facilitate upgrading, we offer a full purchase price refund when a new Concertina Connection Elise is traded in for a new R. Morse & Co. concertina. New Or should I purchase the cheaper one from amazon for 151.99? Should I start cheap or invest in one I can trade later on?
  2. I'm looking for a good cheap concertina, preferably 20 Buttons because those seem like good beginner. I've looked for youtube reviews but there all old concertina music videos. Any recommendations? Thanks for all the help and recommendations! Considering (from what i've heard) that an anglo is for more folksy tunes and such, and seems to be more difficult to play because of the button count. What 30b or less folk/irish sounding concertinas would be better to be more creative with the range of sounds? (Please note that I am very, very new to concertinas. I am an accordion student, excuse if I use a concertina phrase in the wrong fashion).
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