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  1. Thank you for your comments. I confirm that it is an octave below my treble concertina (subject to the quarter-tone). The dimensions are as follows. Each of sides of the hexagon is about 4.25 inches and it is 7.25 inches across the flats. For completeness the dimension from one side to the other is just under 6 inches (the keys and finger pieces stick out further than this) of which the bellows are about 1.75 inches. It does not have raised ends. Any further comments are welcome.
  2. I have been handed two concertinas by a friend. I would like to ask whether it would be better to do them up before selling them (and, if so, who should I get to refurbish them) or should I sell them as is (and, if so, what should I ask for them). The first is a Wheatstone 48 key treble with wooden ends and coloured keys. It has 4-fold bellows in reasonable condition and a full complement of steel reeds, some of which are slow to speak, all tuned about a quarter-tone sharp. The interior bears the name J. J. Vickers of Greenwich, London and the number 1774. The case is secure but could also do with some tlc. The second is, I think, a 48 key Wheatstone tenor as it is larger than and tuned an octave lower than a treble but is also about a quarter-tone sharp. It has metal buttons and the 5-fold bellows are a bit worn but it has a full complement of steel reeds some of which are slow to speak. There is what I assume to be an air lever on each side but they don’t really do much. It bears the number 25278. The (probably original) black case needs work but is not so badly damaged that it could not be fully restored. Your advice would be appreciated, please. Pictures are below but more are available on request. If someone would like a closer look, I live north of Birmingham, England.
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