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  1. I have the same question. The answer is probably: practice. I've been playing concertina for about 6 months, learned some nice songs playing the melody, but I haven't figured out how to play any songs using chords. Concertina seems harder in that regard than other instruments. Banjo for instance, I strum, pluck or frail the same pattern over and over with my right hand, make some chords with my left, and presto! - there's nothing to even think about. Easy as ringing a bell, and I can sing if I want to. Concertina is a different story. I'm sure part of my problem is that I d
  2. I saw that same video and wanted to learn "Gypsy's Hornpipe", found it wasn't too easy. The same guy plays "Orange in Bloom" which I've been learning and it sounds pretty nice.
  3. Ammoon, 20 button, which was the 2nd least expensive one I saw online. I play a few stringed instruments, and it was always easy to find ones that were low cost but decent. I know that doesn't seem to be the case with concertinas, but it seemed hard to justify spending $ 500 or 1000 on an instrument that I had never touched before. But maybe someday I'll get a better one.
  4. I'm not the kind of guy that can grab an instrument and figure it out right away, but I got my new concertina and was pleased that within a few minutes I was playing a slow but nice "Silent Night", using tablature. So that was cool. My question is - the bellows seem stiffer than I had envisioned when I pictured myself playing the concertina. Is that something just to get used to? Or is it that my concertina is on the cheaper end? Or will it go away the more I play? I've been playing a little gingerly - should I just really push and draw without worry? If it's something I have to live
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