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  1. Thanks JimR. I was hoping that Dowright would pick up my post. I did not know I could post direct to him.
  2. Hi all. Not new, but the old story of dating 48key concertinas. No.1 Lachenal (restored) no. 45815 (according to label on baffle cloth). Rosewood? flat ends (very dark stain). Bone buttons. Brass reeds in brass frames. Originally 4 fold card bellows, now 5 fold new. No.2 Lachenal no.53176. Identical to no.1. Original 5 fold bellows. Damaged slightly. No.3 No name label, as no baffle cloths, but looks similar to nos 1 & 2. No.35035. Rosewood? flat ends (very dark stain) Bone buttons, but bushed through ends. Ex Salvation Army instrument, still has music stand bracket on. Mix of steel and brass reeds in brass frames. 5 fold bellows. Nos 2&3 to be restored eventually. Sorry, but can not seem to load photo on this mobile. Any ideas please. Thanks.
  3. Hi. pics of restored box as promised. (Hard to do, when you are not a computer geek). Regards, Bazz12
  4. Hi. I have used a 22/25mm wide brown leather strap, cut to length (allowing for the turns under the lid) with the ends scrived down to allow them to be glued to the lid. As to the lining, I used 1mm thk acrylic felt glued with ordinary "white school" glue, which dries clear. Will try to attach photos of finished box later. I used a wood filler for the hinge screw problem, pilot drilled after drying for 24 hrs, in order to fit new brass screws.
  5. Thanks Dave. As I said, after my own closer investigation. Regards Bazza12
  6. Thanks Theo. Will probably contact you if unable to solve problem myself.
  7. Thanks Dave for your response. As Theo is easiest/nearest, I may contact him after investigation, if I can't solve it myself.
  8. Thanks Alex & Theo. At least I know now not to "experiment" with my way of thinking. I shall look more closely at the internal leakage, to see if that is the problem. Regards Bazza12
  9. Hi All. I have an 1853 Wheatstone english in which the righthand low 'b' reeds have virtually given up, on draw or push in the 'tina, though I can get some sound out of them in the tuning rig. I do not play it, I just "exercise" it weekly, to keep it playable. It had been "restored" previously by someone else. I bought it as a keepsake, as it is virtually a twin to my late grandfather's 1852 model, which my niece owns & plays. Reeds are brass in brass frames. Would anyone recommend transferring the actual reeds only from frame to frame from an old Lachenal english to the Wheatstone, as the frames are stamped with the note letters & numbers & I do not want to lose them. I can "tune" them to match the Wheatstone ones which are quite a few cents sharp of 440. Thanks for any responses.
  10. An old question about dating Lanchenals. I have 2 English, nos 45815 & 58716 (which I am trying to refurbish/restore) and an Anglo no. 39666 (no idea of key yet, as I haven't even looked at it.) Can anyone help with their approx ages. Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. Thanks Dave. I have all ready bought Alex's suggestion of rabbitskin glue. The grommets are in not bad condition considering their age, so I will be leaving them in situ. Regards Baz.
  12. Thanks Alex. Is that a flexible glue or does it set hard?
  13. Which is the best glue for new pads& dampers to leather lever grommets
  14. Thanks again everyone for your responses. They will give me food for thought when I can get round to doing something about the bolts. Bazhow.
  15. Hi all. Many thanks for your replies. I will try to follow the advice given. If I don't succeed, then that's another story.
  16. I have a 48 key Lachenal English (no 53716) which I am attempting to restore. 3 of the end bolts have sheared off at end box level, leaving the thread bits inside, with nothing to get hold of, to try & twist them out. Has anyone any idea how to remove the female socket, without causing damage to the end boxes, or is it a case of complete new bolts & new holes in the rosewood ends, & filling/laquering the old holes. Bazza12.
  17. Thanks for the info. I'll try that if I can find the item.
  18. Thanks for that info. It might be worth a try.
  19. Hi all. Has any one ever tried to or knows how to re-colour black bone buttons, whose tops are now beginging to show the original colour due to age/wear & tear. These belong on my 48 key English Lachenal, which I am contemplating restoration. Thanks for any replies.
  20. Am sort of interested, but I might change the 4 fold bellows to 5/6 fold as they are not in good condition & neither are the leather coverings on the ends. It will depend on prices for new bellows from someone else. I do not fancy the job of making my own, even though you can get the complete kits, I gather. I am a retired engineer, not a player, who likes "tinkering". The box looks virtually identical to the one I have for my 1853 Wheatstone 48 key. Please give me some idea of price, including postage, via my email address, if you want it to be private. (bazhow@hotmail.co.uk) Regards baz.
  21. Yes you're right about that. It certainly protects the bellows from being overstretched. Baz.
  22. Thanks Steve. Have already contacted Chris & ham waiting for his reply. I have a 1853 Wheatstone in an hexagonal box which I do keep on it'side. The concertina is quite a tight fit, so I tip it upside dowm to let the instrument slide out, so as not to pull on the bellows. Regards Barry Howell.
  23. Hi all. Am looking for a wood hexagonal box for an old Lachenal English 48 key instrument that I am going to attempt to restore. Anybody got one or any thoughts who might have one (any condition). Many thanks. Bazza12
  24. Hi Steve's. Now there's a coincidence. My gandaughter's boyfriend works for Wycombe Wanderers in their media department. Writes the match reports etc. Regards Barry
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