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  1. Hi Steve! Nice! I could try to get there Monday or Tuesday. Mvh, Mikael
  2. Thank you! Im a profesional when it comes to winning an auction. ? Hopefully a profesional, in a couple of years, when it comes to concertinas as well. ? /Mikael
  3. Hi Dave! Thank you for your answer. Everyone says Lachenal si it has to be Lachenal. ? /Mikael
  4. Hej Jim! Yes I live in Stockholm. Im rather occupied this coming week but December sounds good to me. Then I will have my concertina as well. Best regards, Mikael
  5. Thank you so much! I will call him soon! /Mikael
  6. Thank you for your interest and research! Maybe all this turns out to that I join the army. ?
  7. Thank you! Nice to see and listen to it’s possible potential.
  8. Thank you Les! That will be wonderful!
  9. Thank´s for the tip! I will keep that name.
  10. Thank you Les! I tried to "Google" Göran Rahm. It turns out that there are a few. If you find his contact I would be very pleased. Best regards, Mikael
  11. Thank you Wolf for your input! Do you know any good restorer close to the baltic see? /Mikael
  12. That was my initial guess that the SA stood for Salvation Army. I´m waiting for the seller to send me more pictures.... I love flats so just bring them on. If it´s tuned in 415 I will play baroque music. :-)
  13. Hi Rac! I fully understand that it’s impossible to tell the value. I’m just trying to get a picture if it’s a instrument that could be good after a restoration. Of course the condition of the reeds are fundamental. The seller just have these pictures and doesn’t seam to know anything about musical instruments. So it will be a shot in the dark. The inside of the box says Salvation Army. Of course this is just a box and doesn’t say anything about the actual instrument. Can you tell the brand?
  14. Here’s another picture if it makes it easier to tell what instrument it is.
  15. Thank you Daniel! Of course the condition is important. If it’s worth repairing. Can you tell the brand? My intention is to play it so I’m not interested in earning a lot of cash.
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