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  1. This Concertina has now found a new home. Sorry that I did not post this sooner. Thanks to all that looked and be assured that it is going to a good home where it will be played and not wholesaled. Paul, I won't forget to make a contribution to c.net.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, I am the second and fourth owner of this concertina. Anglo in C/G, black wooden ends done in Celtic knotting, 34 brass buttons, 7 fold bellows, modified Jeffries note layout (see pics for full note layout). Celtic dogs done in brass on each end above the hand rests and a brass medallion (right hand side below hand rest) marked; "R. Scard Maker - Dipper Concertinas - Heytesbury". Comes in a C&R Dipper box w/two securing latches, a handle on the top with an oval placard on the under side of lid that states, "C&R Dipper Concertinas - Innovators - Manufacturers and Exporters". As you can see in the pictures provided below, this instrument is in very good condition. No cracks whatsoever on the action board or reed pan. Note that there is a heart drawn on the bottom side of the right action board with R+P inside and the year 1992 etched below it. My Credentials and credibility are as follows: I have offered for sale and sold many high quality concertinas on the buy and sell forum on C.net over the last 10 plus years which included a metal ended Jeffries, 3 Suttners( 1 of which ended up going back to Ireland with Noel Hill for one of his students), a wooden ended Dipper County Clare to a c.net member in Japan, a wooden ended Carroll and one Wheatstone 48 keyed English and this Dipper which went to (now deceased) C.net member Bill Hamilton and then back to me. I have done business with Chris Algar on more than one occasion, Have purchased two concertinas from Jurgen Suttner, I sent a Lachenal to be hot rodded by Paul Groff, after he moved from Boston to Florida, and then sold that to a Wisconsin friend and fellow concertina player that went to the mid-west NHICS classes with me for 3 years and I also purchased, the above mentioned County Clare, from a C.net member from Louisiana that advertised here, in which we had, now deceased, Button Box Guru Rich Morse broker the transaction for us. Previous quoted prices are void. This will be my last attempt to sell this concertina in this venue. Please, PM if seriously interested in purchasing this high end, high quality Dipper Concertina.
  3. Make No Mistake, This is a concertina that any advanced player would appreciate having under his/her fingers. Price is $7,900 USD with free shipping to any buyer in the North American Continent. It is well worth every penny at this price. I am downsizing my stock of veried instruments. No time to play all of the them and want to downsize as my wife and I will be moving across the pond as soon as our daughter graduates in 2015. I am the second owner of this instrument. It did spend sometime in Columbus, Ohio at a fellow concertina players house, Bill Hamilton, who was a member of this site until he died a few years back. His sister sent it back to me. He was a great guy and a serious lover of the concertina and Irish music. He kept very good care of it and I did not have any problems with it upon its return, except a loose reed from shipping. Steve Attached Thumbnails
  4. Love the denim thumb holds. Good Job.
  5. As Asked, I have provided the notes for each of the 34 buttons on this Merlin Anglo Concertina. Very well thought out I would say, especially for chording. Left Hand Accidental Row E, /F, A, /B, flat C#/Eb A/G G#/Bb Right Hand Accidental Row c#/c# F#/e flat g#/g c'#/b flat a/d' C, /G, G, /B, C/D E/F G/A e(b)/E Red denotes the A/G# c/B e /d g/f c'/a e'/b add'l four buttons B, /A, D/F# G/A B/c d/e F/C b flat/g# g/f# b/a d'/c' g'/e' b'/f'#
  6. Re-listed in this forum only. Price reduced. Contact me for price and any other information you might wish to know. I am the second owner of this instrument. It did spend sometime in Columbus, Ohio at a fellow concertina players house, Bill Hamilton, who was a member of this site until he died a few years back. His sister sent it back to me. He was a great guy and a serious lover of the concertina and Irish music. He kept very good care of it and I did not have any problems with it upon its return except a loose reed from shipping. Steve
  7. Marc, What NHICS were you at (City, State and Country)? What Country and/or state were you from at that time? If you answer these two simple questions then, I can vouch for you. Steve Maurice
  8. Hi David, I am feeling well. Arthritis is in 85% remission lately so starting to play a little again. Hope you are doing well. What do you have to replace your Wally with and what are you asking for it? Steve
  9. David, Is this a Jeffries or Lachenal layout and what is the layout for the RH accidental row? Steve
  10. Was your County Clare the Small wooden ended 30b model? Mine has already sold but I have to admit that if it was older that 2007, it had never been played. Looked brand new and stiff like new.

    Thank you for looking out for the c.net members. It's a good thing.

    s2maur (steve)

  11. Item is sold. This is a nice little 'tina with good volume while still retaining a warm tone. Competes well for its place in a session with other instruments. I am the second owner and obtained it in late fall of 2008. Original owner says he took delivery in December of 2007. Production # is 393 for those who can date a Dipper by that. Price: $8,600.00 USD. Obviously, this sale is for serious buyers that do not want to wait so please, keep any conversation about pricing in a separate thread. If you are interested, please contact me through the messenger. Steve
  12. David, I'll send you the asking price asap but don't send the concertina. Instead, send Edel Fox and it's a done deal. She is fantastic! Steve
  13. Before listing one's concertina, they would be wise to put on their suit of thick skin, determine the maximum price they would desire, form a list of as much information and history about the concertina and caution themselves to only respond to questions relating to the instrument. Then after the instrument is posted for sale, it would become the responsibility of all c.net members, not seriously considering the purchase of the instrument, to kindly sit on their hands and not open up the listing to a public debate about its pricing. Since the "Buy and Sell" forum is a classified section of the c.net discussion forum, I personally think that any discussion about the pricing being too high would be an interference to and an undermining of the sellers objectives. Would any of the members here consider going to a car lot, finding a car that, in their opinion, was overly priced and stand next to the salesperson and an interested buyer and continually interrupt the possible sale by blurting out how the car lot was asking too much for the car? I hope that we can all show a little restraint for future "Buy and Sell" listings and take the debate over the pricing of a fellow c.net member's concertina to "General Concertina Discussion". This is just my opinion about how it needs to be on the Buy and Sell. Steve
  14. Erik, this makes a lot of sense to me. I think that it is a policy that should be considered for the c.net "Buy and Sell" forum. It would eliminate a lot of anguish on the part of the seller as well as the interested buyers. Wonder what Paul Schwartz would think about applying this kind of policy? Steve
  15. Josie, Long time since the year 2000 at NHICS in NYC area where only a few of us enjoyed the refreshing pool. That was one hot week at Pete Gibbons' house but the hospitality and the comaraderie was great. Glad to hear that you are still attending Noel's classes. Beautiful instrument! No need to wish you good luck on selling it. You have listed it at a reasonable price and it should easily sell itself as soon as anyone desiring a better instrument picks it up and gives it a squeeze. Steve Maurice
  16. Good luck selling your concertina Meg. A couple of years ago, I had offered a wooden ended County Clare for sale on this forum for $8,600 USD and received no offers with the same debate of whether or not the price I listed was appropriate or not. I still have it and for me, that was the best thing. I still play it, not a lot but often enough to keep things fresh and enjoyable for myself. If you have any children, you may consider keeping it in case he, she or they might be interested in it at a later time. It would also increase in value over the years and would be a great asset in your estate for your kid(s) when that time comes. Steve
  17. David, I am talking about the high B flat in the right side of the instrument. Am I seeing straight or do I need to put on my glasses again? Shouldn't there be a high B flat in both a Jeffries and a Wheatstone layout on the right side accidental? I don't see one with Sean's listing and was trying to point out the importance of including that note in any layout, otherwise, a player of such a layout would lose out on playing quite a few tunes in the key of F on a C/G keyed anglo. Am I correct in my perception of what Sean noted in his post or am I just not getting it? Seems to me that he has noted an extra d# on the draw of the second to the last button on the right where there would normally be (on a Jeffries layout) a high b flat. Steve
  18. Sean, I couldn't get along without a B flat (A#) on the right hand accidental row but I see that you don't have one in yours as written above. There are several tunes that I play that are in the key of F and that B flat on that right accidental row is indispensable when it comes to playing them. Steve
  19. War, is there a Custom Layout 1 to choose from? All but one of my concertinas that I have owned since year 2000 have had the custom layout #2 as suggested by Colin Dipper. The list includes; One Jeffries 30b, Three Suttners all 30b, Two Dippers both 30b and the only one without the low F# in the right hand accidental row was a Carroll 30b. Never could get used to not having the F# on the Carroll although, it was a great instrument to play. I just didn't want to alter my playing style so I sold it to a very close concertina player friend and fellow NHICS student that didn't utilize Custom layout 2 in their playing style. Steve .
  20. David, I only know of one person. They have been playing on a G/D for over ten years and do a very good job on ornaments and chords but if one listens closely, you can tell the ornaments do not match those played on a C/G anglo and even though they can play the modal chords, they are often inverted. Furthermore, they do not venture too far out of the keys, and their modes, of G, A and D. They can play the key of C but in the same position that a C/G player would be playing the key of F. I switched from a G/D early on after having a conversation with Chris Algar when I was contemplating the purchase of a better instrument. His first response to my question about which key, either G/D or C/G, would be better he asked, "Do you want to play in the Irish Tradition?" I had to ask him what exactly that meant and after his explanation, I decided I wanted a C/G. Instead of just learning new tunes and forgetting the ones I had already learned on my G/D, I chose to re-learn them on the C/G. Actually, I think it helped to reinforce the new fingering positions. It also helped my ear to hear and my fingers to feel the intervals. It was a good example of a Suzuki method for the anglo concertina. It was challenging and often, in the beginning, very frustrating as my fingers automatically went into there old positions and reaching for buttons that no longer played the familiar tones of old. However, I feel that for me, it was well worth it. Steve M
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