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    Morris dancing with Letchworth MM, learning Anglo to be able to play for them (forty years of dancing has left my knees complaining bitterly every time I do more than three dances...).
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    Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

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  1. Mr Crabb I have sent you the original message, plus an update to your 2nd option email address. Perhaps the first message went into your junk file, as the email address was as you had written it. AlanCreamer
  2. I'm trying to get some brackets fitted to my Crabb C/G Anglo, No 14052, made about 1958, and to do this Jake (Wolverton concertinas) needs fit 2 slightly longer end bolts each end. They are not BA or metric thread, and Jake can't work out what thread design / size they are. If we knew he could replicate the bolts on his lathe, with a new die to cut the thread. I've emailed Geoffrey Crabb, but as yet haven't had a reply - it may be that the email address I've been given isn't now looked at by Geoff. If he sees this perhaps he could contact me - I'm happy to go to Bishops Stortford with the machine if that helps. Alan
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