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  1. Hi Mikael, I misunderstood and thought it was a donation to Salvation Army (SA), being sold by them. Until today I didn't know there were SA concertina bands, so I'm glad I learned something ?. I did some google searching and found quite a bit of info on these bands, but didn't really see anything that would positively identify what brand this one is. Here's something on the timeline for transition from Anglo to English, and although they mention Lachenal (as Wolf and Daniel suggested), there's nothing definitive in the link I'm sharing...more just for general historical reading if you're
  2. Sorry, I don't know what it''s worth. I do think it's future value depends a lot on whether you're looking to restore and sell for a profit, or if you're buying/restoring it to play, or learn to play yourself. Either way, I don't imagine the Salvation Army would be out to overcharge someone on this, and if that happened, the surplus would go to a good cause I suppose.
  3. Yes, the language left me confused too, but now I think I get it. And your comments gave me the courage to go ahead and enable it. Thanks very much everyone!
  4. Thanks for posting this; it's awesome! Out on the Ocean is one of my favorite jigs of all time, and he plays it just beautifully. I kept trying to figure out if his concertina was green or if it was just an effect of the lighting.
  5. I was setting up my profile and saw that "The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users." It then has an option to enable something...the block, I guess. Can anyone help me to understand what this means? I kind of want to enable it just to see what happens, but maybe it's disabled for some good reason that I just don't understand.
  6. I like the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) a lot. The whole site is fascinating to browse, but in particular the scores and notated collections are great. The scores are interactive, in that it will play the tune for you (albeit in generic piano tones) while highlighting the notes on the score as they are played, and you can slow down the playback (lower the BPM) if needed. Tunes from a few of the sources that have been mentioned above are included, and there are quite a few sources that I've never heard of, but love to explore. Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1050 Reels and Jigs
  7. The plumage on their hats is fabulous ?, but a little sad to see only one concertina among the nine youngsters.
  8. Very cool...thanks for sharing it! I bookmarked the site. PS - this reminded me of another 'labor of love' website, this one for Joe Cooley, with field recordings from the 1970's: https://joecooleytapes.org/
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